Thursday, October 29, 2009

All Aboard

Since my son has a love for Thomas the Train I wanted to find him some kind of costume that went along with trains this year. I was at Target and found this cute Thomas the Train bucket, I already had the engineer hat and the red bandanas. I simply added the overalls and this is what I came up with. Best of all it was cheap and my little guy absolutely loves it. He says he is the train driver for Halloween and loves to say "All Aboard". Happy Halloween everyone.

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Petit Elefant

What an adorable little conductor!

Tina Fisher

How cute! And what a great idea! My little guy would have loved to be a train conductor. We are having a Thomas the Train birthday next week! Thomas won out over Mickey!


He is too cute! I especially love the middle pic.

Hopefully we will see each other on Halloween!

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