Sunday, October 17, 2010

Tonight we go Booing!

The other day I was visiting Skip to My Lou, and she was asking "Do you Boo"? After reading what Booing was I thought it would be such a fun thing to do with my kiddos this time of year.

The main idea behind Booing is ringing a neighbor or a friends door and then run away, when they answer the door they will find a fun/yummy surprise waiting for them. You can Boo with candy, cookies, baked goods, candles etc..  So we headed down to our local Dollar General and stocked up on our Booing supplies (candy). I added my own twist to by filling treat bags and goody baskets with yummy candy and I added an extra treat bag in each bag/basket I deliver that way my recipients only have to purchase candy when they Boo themselves. You could use a basket and then your neighbor/friend can pass along the same basket to whomever they choose to Boo.

So tonight is the night my kids and I have all our bags and baskets ready to Boo our friends with. I bought 2 green baskets for my favorite kiddos down the street and treat bags for some other children and friends in the neighborhood. Have fun and I hope you try Booing this year!

Hopefully my good friend down the street won't tell her kiddos it was us that Booed them when she reads this!


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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Cloning Myself

I am wondering how I could possibly clone myself? If only there were 9 of me....1 for my daughter Kailey, 1 for my daughter Kate, 1 for my son Sam, 1 for my husband, 1 for work, 1 of me to care for the dogs, 1 of me for housework, 1 of me for the laundry, 1 of me to exercise daily. If anyone has figured out how I could make this happen please let me know, I feel that there are so many things that need to be accomplished and not enough hours in the day!

If only I didn't need to sleep at night....Oh the things I could get done!

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Monday, October 11, 2010

Getting back into the Blogging world

After starting a new venture in my life I really needed to get back on track. I finally feel like I am getting the hang of things and getting organized once again. I thought I would post some pictures I took of my children yesterday.

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Monday, July 26, 2010

Mighty MO...

A few new pictures of my kiddos....

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Who thought pictures of the Might MO in the back ground could turn out nice?

Just Beautiful

My beautiful daughter on her 12th birthday!

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A Historical and ghostly Birthday

Our weekend found us very busy...we traveled an hour to a small town historical called Atchison Kansas to celebrate my daughters 12th birthday as well as Amelia Earhart's birthday. My daughter loves the fact that she shares a birthday with such a historical figure. Amelia would have turned 113 years old on Saturday, while in Atchison we took the opportunity to visit her childhood home she was born in and live in with her Grandparents.

Atchison is also known as the most Haunted town in Kansas. Since my daughters and I love love anything haunted we had to look up some of the most haunted houses in Atchison and then go sneak a peak. First on our list was Sallies House, we first learned about Sallies House on the show "Most Haunted" several years ago. Sallie was a 6yr old little girl who got sick in the middle of the night with severe abdominal , her mother took her to the doctors house where he also ran his practice. Sallie required surgery right away for appendicitis, sally panicked at the sight of surgical tools and the Dr. was forced to hold her down and administer ether. In his haste the Dr. did not wait for the anesthesia to take full effect. Sallie awoke during the initial incision and began fighting and wresting against the pain. Before she died, she was said to have looked at the doctor with both fear and loathing, and remains within the house to this day.

After Sallies House we then traveled to the "Gargoyle Home" also known as the "Waggener House". This turn-of-the-century home was built in 1884-1885 by B.P. Waggener, who was a lawyer and politician in the Atchison area in the late 1800’s. While gargoyles are usually erected to scare off evil spirits, legend has it that Waggener accumulated his wealth through a deal with the devil and the gargoyles were constructed in honor of the pact. It is said that the house is afflicted by an evil curse. One homeowner, who attempted to remove the gargoyles, fell to his death on the staircase. 

Here is a closer picture of the Gargoyles. They are very demonic looking Gargoyles, In my opinion I don't care how much I love a house...I would never by a house with Gargoyles on it.
As I sat outside these houses I was secretly hoping I would spot some kind of ghostly figure, but unfortunately there were no sightings that day. We ran out of time and could not find Molly's Hollow but on our next trip to Atchison we will be sure to find Molly's Hollow.

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Monday, July 5, 2010

LIttle Sluggers

As my daughter's softball season comes to an end I can honestly say I am ready for the break. With practices every weekend and games every Wednesday night I am ready to say goodbye to softball. Kate showed great improvement this year, I can see her playing this game for many years to come. She has such a passion for this game!

Kate coming across home plate after hitting a home run.

The Little Sluggers was the name of their team! They were actually Big Sluggers, all the girls hit the ball so well. It was so fun to watch their improvement as the season went on.

The Little Sluggers lining up to tell the other team "Good game"

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Friends, Fun and the 4th

Even though the threat of thunderstorms loomed over our heads for most of the day we did not let it spoil our 4th of July festivities. We invited many friends and family and we were all looking forward to a wonderful night filled with lots of fireworks.

The little guys were afraid of the loud noises. As the evening wore on they got used to the BOOMS!
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