Thursday, October 14, 2010

Cloning Myself

I am wondering how I could possibly clone myself? If only there were 9 of me....1 for my daughter Kailey, 1 for my daughter Kate, 1 for my son Sam, 1 for my husband, 1 for work, 1 of me to care for the dogs, 1 of me for housework, 1 of me for the laundry, 1 of me to exercise daily. If anyone has figured out how I could make this happen please let me know, I feel that there are so many things that need to be accomplished and not enough hours in the day!

If only I didn't need to sleep at night....Oh the things I could get done!

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Oh how I know that feeling- I have a two year old too! And the hardest part for me is when I am doing something that I really don't want to, like scrubbing toilets, and my daughter is wanting me to come sit down beside her and watch Dora. Then Mommy Guilt sets in and its like OK, do I sit on the couch all day and live in filth or tell her that I can't play Hungry Hungry Hippos because I have to clean her brother's (very nasty) bathroom? :D

Thank you for stopping by and commenting over at Yoga Gal, I really do appreciate it!

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