Sunday, June 6, 2010

Hello Thomas!

If you have a little boy under the age of 5 you should know how they love Thomas the Train, my son is no exception.

Every year around this time Thomas the Train makes his stop in Baldwin Kansas and we also make sure we go to see him. There are tents set up for all the little children with different activities for them to do, but Sam's favorite thing to do is just sit and watch Thomas pull into the station, load up his passengers and then pull away. He just loves to sit and watch Thomas.

Every year he picks out a special wooden train that fits on his train table, this year he picked out Max and Monty the dump trucks that work on Sodor island helping Thomas and his friends. Grandma treated him to a LOUD Thomas whistle, did I mention it was LOUD?

After telling Thomas bye we headed out to lunch and then home for some much needed rest. What a great way to spend our Sunday morning.

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We wanted to do this...but we just had too much on our plate this weekend. We've yet to ever make it!

Looks like Sam truly enjoyed himself!

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