Sunday, June 6, 2010

Saturday Tent Sale

Saturday morning I had two of my children up early and out the door for Huge Tent sale! This was no ordinary tent sale, it was a Nell Hills tent sale. Nell Hills is owned by Mary Carol Garrity and is located in a small quaint town in Atchison Kansas. Her newest store recently opened in Briarcliff Village, an upscale shopping district in Riverside.

I had planned on leaving the house at 8:30 and arriving at the tent sale by 9:00 and waiting in line for an hour. Well with kids I never make it out of the house on time, we arrived at the tent sale at 9:30 and the women first in line arrived at the tent sale when the sun was coming up! That's right 6:00 in the morining! I was so disappointed that I was so far back in line, I was positive that all the wonderful home decor items would be gone by the time I entered the tent.

At 10:00 sharp they cut the tape and let the crazy crack of dawn women enter the tent in a single file line. I stood in line for an hour and watched all the beautiful silver trays, fine fabrics by the bolt, gorgeous furniture pieces and yummy home decor items leave the tent with all these ecstatic women (who were acting as if they won the lottery).

Finally one hour later I entered the tent (with my 9 year old daughter who waited paitently in line with me) and my heart leaped for joy as I found that not all the wonderful things were gone yet. I found fragile glass bottles and lids for less than $3.00, white mugs and lids used for accents in my kitchen and 4 little yellow daises just screaming to come home with me.

Two hours later I walked myself and my sweaty kids back to our steamy hot car with my wonderful items totaling $16.24.

Once I got home I found the perfect place for all my items nicely displayed in my kitchen!

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