Thursday, May 27, 2010

Comparing ourselves

Why is it this time of year I feel the need to buy a new swimsuit? Sure I could use the same suit that I used last year, nobody will remember it. At least I don't think they will remember it? Every year at this time I am in search of the perfect suit that magically makes me look 10 lbs skinnier. I know that I will not look skinnier in a particular suit, but I will feel thinner and more beautiful when I walk around feeling so exposed at the public pool, thinking all eyes are on me!

And let's face it ladies we secretly compare ourselves with the other ladies/mothers at the pool as we watch through our dark shaded sunglasses. Do I look as good as her? What kind of diet is she on? Did she have a boob job since last year? What workouts has she been doing? She really should look in the mirror before she leaves the house? Does she really think she looks good in that bikini?

This year I have my eyes on a vintage style suit from the 50's. So today I am on a mission to find the perfect suit...Wish me luck...and NO, I will not be posting pics of me in my magically slimming suit.

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Great post!

I have YET to find the dreaded MATERNITY swimsuit...just haven't felt overly motivated to make that purchase even though I am so excited to be pregnant.

Hopefully, at least, the other women at the pool will cut me a break this summer from participating in the annual fashion show as I am carrying a "summer" baby! HA!!! You know you won't see me in a bikini as I have other pregnant women...ugh!


Erin you have nothing to worry are a beautiful woman!!! And a true woman has curves!!! My husband saw you at the pool and commented on your suit and hat...saying it how you went with a vintage look!! Which is funny because I never thought about it until I read this. Men surprise you sometimes!!

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