Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Mom

I hope all you Mother's out there had a wonderful Mother's Day! I was showered with gifts/homemade and store bought, flowers and lots of love.

I rarely have my picture taken with my Mom so I recruited my 9 year old daughter (who loves photography and is very good at it) to take our picture.

Ever since I was a little girl I always heard "you look just like your Mom" just what every girl wants to hear right? I never minded hearing that because I always looked up to mom, in my eyes she was the best Mom a girl could have.

To go back 30 years.....my Mom and Dad divorced when I was 3 years old. My mom came home to a empty house after work one day and my Dad became an absent Dad or a deadbeat Dad you could say. My mom worked very hard to get me the things I needed and wanted in life. She never complained about doing anything for me and she always had a smile on her face. I will admit I was a spoiled "only child" and I got what I wanted, I was too young or naive I should say to think about how my Mom could pay for the foolish things I asked for. She rarely said "No" and did all she could for me. I suppose thinking back now she was trying to make up for the missing link in my life...my Dad. He always lived close by but was always too busy to make time to see me. There were no birthday presents or cards for that matter, no Christmases spent with him and no switching off weekends. So in a way my Mom overcompensated for my Dad not being around.

It was my Mom and I my entire life...and I loved it! I can still remember sitting on the stairs in our house and crying (like I did so often) with my Mom sitting by my side. I would crawl up on her lap and she would hug me until my cries softened and she would talk me through the tough issues girls go often through. She was always there for me at every sporting/school event, and she never complained about going. I still hear to this day "you look just like your Mom" and I still love to hear it. So even though I had a missing Dad in my life....there really wasn't anything else missing in my life. Thanks to my Mom. I love you and I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day.

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