Thursday, May 13, 2010

Preserved History....destroyed

We had some very bad storms here last night and this morning I wake to the news that a local landmark in our small town was destroyed by storms last night. White Waitzmann barn (otherwise known as Zimmerman's barn to the locals for the man that rebuilt it on his farm) is located on a farm where families come from all over to buy pumpkins in the fall, attend Christmas services on Christmas Eve, chilli cook off contest in the summer and not to mention all the weddings that take place in this old historic barn.

Here is a little history on the historic barn.......The unique 1880 timber-framed barn was originally built on the White farm in rural Johnson County, now owned by Ernest Waitzmann. Daryl Zimmerman and a group of volunteers dismantled and moved the barn to Kill Creek Farm, about 7 miles away. The farm, owned by Zimmerman, is dedicated to "Maintaining the Rural Heritage of Johnson County" and plays host to more than 6,000 visitors annually.

If you go here you can see a picture of the barn as it was. I will miss driving down the road and seeing the Big Red Barn sitting in the open field so inviting to guests all year round, not the mention the traditional Kansas windmill spinning gently in the humid summer breeze.

My heart goes out to Mr. Zimmerman this barn was his lively hood, he worked so hard to bring the community together with the use of his barn. No matter what the occasion Mr. Zimmerman was always present at his barn, living in such a small town visitors would come far and wide to attend the pumpkin patch and our summer farmers market at the barn. I know that our small community will undoubtedly pull together and help Mr. Zimmerman, DeSoto just won't be the same without "Zimmerman's Barn".

The beautiful windmill now lies on the ground...

Local citizens were at the barn trying to rummage through the mess.

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Thanks for posting this. I haven't had the news on today and had no idea of this local devastation. I showed Mary your pics and I guess I shouldn't have...she's been in tears ever since. We were planning to hold her 6th birthday party at the Farm. :(

So glad to see you've updated your blog! I've been missing your posts and have kept dropping in thinking I just maybe missed a posting. I need to go back and leave you some comments, but suffice it to say that I enjoyed them all...especially your Mother's Day post.

Love you friend!


P.S. Your photos are a 10X better than the DeSoto Explorer!!!


I'm getting caught up on those that have visited my blog recently! Just wanted to say thanks for your name suggestion. I might have to think about that one...although I think I have narrowed down my choice!

Take care,

Kristin @ My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia

WOw, so sad! Thanks for stopping by my blog, enjoy your day!

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