Friday, July 24, 2009

My baby is now 11!

I can't believe my little girl is now 11. It seems just like yesterday I held her in my arms and studied her angelic face every second of the day. I remember when she was born and we were in the hospital...all my visitors would say "she will grow up before you know it, time will go by so fast". I would get so upset when people would say that to me, here I am wanting to cherish every single second with my first born baby and they are telling me time is going to fly by. Boy were they right, at the time I thought they were crazy there was no way time was going pass me by that quickly. Well 11 years later I am sitting her thinking "where did the time go"?

My Kailey is growing up to be the most beautiful young lady, I am so proud of her. She is funny, loving, religious, caring, generous, smart, athletic, friendly, kind, talkative and sensitive these are only a few things that describe her.

She only wanted money for her I took her to Target and she spent all her money on clothes for middle school, shoes, jewelry, and knick knacks to decorate her new room with. Grandma got her a new bed spread and pillows, Kailey got the rest of her things at garage sales and Target. She spent the whole evening redecorating her room and changing it into a pre-teen room. She was so proud of herself , this is something she has been wanting to do for so long. As we were at Target I had so much fun following her around the store helping her pick out things to buy and being a mom by making her think twice about buying certain things. At the end of her shopping trip I was afraid that she would be upset from spending all her money at once.....but she surpirsed me, she was so proud of herself regreting nothing she purchased.

We returned home and cooked her favorite meal for dinner and enjoyed some Angel Food Cake. As I watched her blow out the candles I wondered what she wished for? I know what I wished for her. I thank God everyday for giving her to me. Happy Birthday baby girl, I love with my whole heart.



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What a BEAUTIFUL picture of Kailey! Sounds like she had a great birthday. Send my belated birthday wishes to her! Kale says hello. We are coming back to KS for a few weeks in August and he desperately wants to see you; I told him we might bake some cookies and bring by some day if you have time.


Happy BELATED Birthday, Kailey! You are growing up into such a beautiful young lady! Hang in there Mom...the best years are yet to come!!!

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