Thursday, July 16, 2009

Rain Rain Go Away

The funny thing about these pictures is......We drove 40 minutes to go to our boat and we stayed under the dock for 2 hours. My father in law wanted all the family to go up to our boat for his fathers day/birthday. On our way there it started to sprinkle then it turned to a down pour. Thinking it would stop we continued to drive to the lake. Once we were there with the family we realized the rain was there to stay for a few hours. We cooked out on the grill and played with the water guns off the dock and laughed a lot. The little kids were so looking forward to a boat ride, we could not disappoint them. So....we started up the engine and sat under the cover and headed out for a very quick boat ride. We got so wet from the rain blowing in under the cover of the boat we headed back for the boat dock. So the really funny thing is.....we no sooner got back to the boat dock and the sun came out with pretty blue skies and no rain. We ended up going for another boat ride and swimming in the lake....even though we spent hours on the boat under cover we had a great time that afternoon on our boat.
Rain rain go away come again another day..... Grandpas kids all want to play....rain rain go away.


Orange Juice

OH MY GOSH! What a bummer don't you hate that?! At least you were able to go out for a little with no rain. :)


The picture of you and Sam (with Mike being dorky in the background) is absolutely ADORABLE!!


What fun on a boat, too bad for all the rain.

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