Wednesday, August 12, 2009

33 years ago

I need to wish myself "Happy Birthday". I always say it's just another day, but the truth is it is not just another day, 33 years ago I was born on this day. God had great plans when he made me. He made me so I could be a mother to Kailey, Kate and Sam. God made me so I could bring happiness to my mothers life (we have a very close relationship). God made me so I could love my husband and give him a great marriage. God made me so I could bring joy to children's lives. God made me so I could make my friends smile. God made me for so many things.

My children are so excited to celebrate my birthday. I was told so many times today "Happy Birthday Mommy". It brought smiles to my face so many times today. They were excited to give me my gifts. I got PJ's, a humming bird feeder and a light for my scrapbook desk. We went to eat dinner as a family and had a great night of shopping, I treated myself to clothes and some make-up (I am a make-up hog, I love buying make-up, an instant pick me up).

So "Happy Birthday to me". 33 years ago God brought me into this world. It has been a wonderful 33 years and I am looking forward to another 33 years.


KC Mom

What a great attitude you have! It's so important to be grateful for this wonderful life we've been given. Happy Birthday!


I love this post! God did make you for so many great and wonderful things, Erin!

You have most definitely been a blessing in our lives!

We love you,
The Kueters
(Chris, Val, Mary and Ben)

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