Saturday, August 8, 2009

Summer's end

Well my summer is coming to an daycare kiddos will come back on Tuesday. Although I am sad that summer is ending, I am also glad to see my kids come back. A part of me has missed seeing them everyday and watching Sam play with his friends. I have fun things planned for the month of August.

I wish I could say we did a lot of fun things this summer, but the truth is we did not do much. We stayed up late playing, baked a lot of sweets and slept in the mornings. We went to the pool in the evenings which was nice, no crowds, no sunblock and no heat. I always strive to give my kids the best summer, and I know this was not their favorite summer of all.

Money was tight this summer which is why we stayed around our small little town. Loss of money has brought our family closer together for sure and I know that is what matters to my kids. Having the feeling of family togetherness is the most important memory of all. It is not the shopping trips we missed, the vacation we did not have or the daily outings we skipped out on that my kids will remember. They will remember the meaning of a dollar, not taking things for granted, spending late nights with Mommy, making lots of brownies, splashing in the pool, having sleep overs, picnics at the park, m&m's at the ball games, afternoons at the lake, being thankful for everything they have, spending time with family and learning that materialistic things don't matter.

So when I think back on all that happened this summer...I guess we did do a lot of fun things. They were just things that did not cost any or much money at all. After all it is the Little Things in Life......



Hey Girl!

Wishing you a great school year for your own kiddos and another successful daycare year for your business.

I haven't been able to post very much b/c my desktop is sick, sick, sick!!! Chris was able to get this old laptop working, so I might be able to get back into at least reading and following blogs if not posting.

I read through some of your last few posts and just want to share a few thoughts with you...

Kailey is a doll and gets prettier every year...
I don't think your summer sounded all that bad...LOL! It's the little things, right?!!!
Finally, I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND about the baby items. I can NOT part with my stuff. For me it isn't so much about the fact that I want to save bassinettes, swings or high chairs, but that if I give these items away, I accept defeat...that I am destined to only have 2 babies and that makes me very sad. So, even if you have to sell your stuff now...keep in mind that you have had 3 beautiful children and will probably have more. Something that I would give anything to experience!


Tina Fisher

For's the little sounds like it was a great summer!

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