Monday, August 17, 2009

A few tears

My morning started earlier today, as I had a middle schooler to get out the door. First off she did not hear her alarm go off at the wee hours of 5:30am (I tried to tell her that was too early to get up, but she insisted) I woke her up at 6:30 and she quickly showered. 30 minutes into getting ready she still did not know what she wanted to wear. Now if you are a mother I am sure you have heard of Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez, my daughter idolizes these girls and the way they dress. I have to admit I am very impressed by the way my daughter can mix and match clothes, she has quite the eye for fashion. Since it was the first day of Middle School she had to have the perfect outfit and for some reason today she just couldn't find it. After several (by several I mean 10) outfit changes she (we) finally agreed on something. She looked adorable, beautiful and grown up. We did our first day of school pictures and we rushed out the door.

Now being in middle school she had a lot of school supplies to take with her and she felt out of place carrying in an overstuffed back pack and OMG a target bag with her locker shelf and accessories, that's right she did not want to carry in a target bag with her extra things in it. She opted to leave it for tomorrow. As we got closer to the drop off point she really got nervous and so did I. I was nervous for her, hoping she would find her way around school, hoping she would have friends in her classes, hoping her nemisis would not give her a hard time today, hoping her hair would not get wet from the rain, hoping she would get her locker combo right, hoping she would make some new friends, hoping she had a great day, hoping she love middle school.

Now when my daughter started a new school in kindergarten I walked her into school so she could find her way and I kissed her goodbye in front of her friends. Middle School is a whole different ball game, there was no walking her into school today(dropping off from the car) and no kissing her when I left her in the class room. So I held back the tears as I said my goodbyes and watched my baby girl walk into middle school all by herself. Being just as nervous as she was I knew in my heart she was going to be just fine and she would have a great first day of middle school.

Now I don't want to leave out my 8 year old daughter, she too started school this morning. Unlike her sister she was not starting a new school, but none the less she was still excited to see her friends and learn about her new teacher. Kate's day started at 7:00 am and she was dressed and ready to go by 7:45. No big preparing or make-up to apply like big sis. She was all into her Selena Gomez back pack, she gladly posed for pictures and off the door we went. She had no butterflies as we pulled up to the building, I kissed her goodbye and off she went with out a care in the world. I had no tears as I dropped her off but I did have a little sadness as she left me for the day. I will miss her craziness she provides me with during the day, the happiness she brings to Sam as they play together and the loud music blaring from her room as she dances. But not the worry too much she will back home at 3:50. I know she will have a great day at school too.



I teared up as I read your post! I can't believe how big the girls are getting...b/c if your girls are aging then so are my kiddos! LOL

Seriously though, I can't imagine dropping Mary off at MIDDLE SCHOOL! I am going to be a blubbering idiot; completely making a fool out of myself and embarrassing Mary! Oh well, that's what being a mother is all about.

And easy-going as usual. Hope both of the girls had a great first day of school!


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