Saturday, January 2, 2010


An early Christmas gift came into our lives a few days before Christmas arrived this year. We have been wanting a boxer for a few months now, but the price and timing just weren't right. My children each received Christmas money from their Great Aunt, jokingly my husband said "we could by a boxer puppy with that money" Kate automatically agreed (she wanted a new puppy the most) Sam is too little to know the he even got money and Kailey knew right away there was no way she was spending money on a dog of all things...she had much more important things in mind to spend her money on...Makeup. Yes my 11 year old daughter is just like her Mommy..a makeup hog!!

Anyway back to Bubba, we looked on the computer and right in our area there were 3 boxer puppies for sale and the price was right. So at 10:00 that night we met Bubba and brought him home. He is so spoiled we love to hold him as he naps and play with him when he is awake.
He has truly stolen our hearts.

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That is one cute puppy...seriously! I think both Ben and Mary were smitten with him on Christmas Eve.

Looking forward to Spring and starting our walks together...maybe if we're lucky Spring will arrive early, but as its' snowing tonight and freezing temps are forecasted for the next week or so, I'm not holding out much hope!

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