Thursday, January 7, 2010

Who doesn't love popcorn?

Here in Kansas City we have a popcorn shop called Topsy's. I really wanted a can of popcorn before the holiday season ended but that never happened. So just last week I was shopping with my girls and we wondered into a Topsy's and their popcorn cans were 50% off. Yeah!!! I know it is only popcorn, but I was so excited to buy some for myself. My favorite flavors are the caramel, cinnamon and cheese.

There is a science to eating all 3 of these flavors. No way would I ever put 2 or 3 different flavors in mouth at once. I have to eat each flavor individually and 1 kernel at a time. Savoring each one as I go. Yummy!!!1

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Oh I love that popcorn! The cinnamon is my favorite! I am from the Kansas City area and grew up with it. I ahve been in VA for 22 years now and have been ordering it every year. I must say the cheese and cinnamon mixed together are good,LOL!


I think it is some of the best popcorn. Just a heads up if you don't like to pay full price wait till after Christmas and get it cheaper.


Wow. I didn't know anyone even made cinnamon popcorn. Yum!

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