Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Please no more snow..

Just as my kids go back to school for 1 day...they are home again. They called off school last night before the snow even started to fall. As I am posting the snow is falling down quickly. Our sidewalks are already covered and I am sure my hubby will have to pull out the snow blower again tonight. This makes 3 times in the past 2 weeks he has used the snow blower (and to think we were going to sell it a few months ago).

I am tired of seeing snow, tired of driving in snow, tired of my kids wanting to play in the snow (they have no snow boots, we never need them and this is the 1 year we really needed them), tired of taking the new puppy out to potty in the snow, I am just tired of snow. So I ask Mother Nature "please no more snow".

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Tina Fisher's so not even an option to opt out of where I live!

We actually hope for snow! Only because hubby plows! :)

Good luck on wishing it away! :)


Thanks for the comment!!

cute blog!

Petit Elefant

You know, I'm kind of OVER January and the snow. It's fun for the holidays and then it's just blurg.


Erin, LoVe this pic of Sam...absolutely beautiful!

I really don't mind snow, but these bitter temps have got to go! There's no point in snow if you can't go outside and play in it!

Stay warm,



Sam has no snow boots so he has not gotten to really get in the snow and play in it. Bummer for him!

Petit Elefant,
I agree snow is nice for the holidays and then I am so over it. The white Christmas was nice but I want to see the green grass again.

I hope your hubby is getting a lot of plowing down :)

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