Thursday, January 7, 2010

You capture-a look back

This week You Capture is all about your favorite photos from 2009. It was so fun to look back and reminisce, we created so many memories this past year. Here are just a few of my favs.

my 8 year old made her first holy communion in April
Sam visited Thomas the Train in May

We played outside in the rain in August

Took Family pictures at the park in October

Added to our family with Bubba our boxer puppy in December

Can't wait to see all of your pictures from 2009.

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What an adorable puppy!! Good Luck in 2010!

Chocolate Girl

Oh my gosh! And his name is Bubba, too! Love it.


Diana and Chocolate Girl, thanks for the great comments. We do love us some bubba.


I love your puppy!


Love the shot with the umbrella. You have adorable children. Happy 2010!

Tina Fisher

I love all your pictures!

I've been dropping hints to my hubby about a boxer!

Quilt Works

That Pug is previous!


Great pictures! I love that Thomas the Train. Dustyn loves him! Thanks for stopping my blog. I don't mind if you follow at all. I am going to follow you back. Thanks again!


my favorite is the rain picture but they're all great! i hope you have a great 2010!


Fantastic blog, really! I love your pictures. Fun and refreshing!


Melissa- thanks we love our puppy also. Even though he is a handful.

Colleen- we were out playing when it started to rain and my son did not want to go inside yet. So he stayed outside and played in the rain

Tina- hopefully if you drop enough hints about a boxer maybe your hubs will give in.

Quilt Works- The puppy is actually a boxer, but I think he does look like a pug at times.

Sarah- Sam love Thomas the Train, he just can't get enough of him.

Tinycandi- Thanks for the compliment.

Alita- I appreciate the comment. So sweet. I like the fact that my pics are fun and refreshing!

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