Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Get your Face on

Beth over @ stories from A to Z is hosting a Get your face on party. Simply take a before and after picture of yourself and list some of your favorite beauty products. Seriously if I can take a picture of myself with no make up on, you can too. So below is my dreaded before picture.
This is so hard to only list a few of my favorite beauty products...why you ask? I am addicted to beauty products. There is something about going to Sephora, Nordstroms or Ulta and coming home with a nice box with some pretty make up. It is such a rush for me. If I am ever having a day where I don't feel pretty..going to the store and treating myself to make up always cheers me up! (no my son's hair is not purple, it was the T.V. in the back ground).
I use Bare Minerals make up and as a concealer I use Benefit Erase Paste. I love this stuff it covers my dark under eyes like magic.
Above is some more of my favorites. Mostly Bare Minerals and some Bobbi Brown. Loving the Sweet Obsessions eye shadow from Bare Minerals right now.
For right now I have been using Laura Mercier cream shadow and then on top of that Bobbi Brown Lilac shimmer. Stila eye liner (this one rocks, the best eyeliner, smudges so nice) Cover Girl mascara.
On my cheeks I use Bobbi Brown pale pink blush and Bobbi Brown Peony shimmer brick on top.

On lips I use MAC Color Me Coral (new for the spring) and lip gloss Cha Cha (also new for Spring) I can't go anywhere without my Blistex, I swear I am addicted to it...I can't leave the house without it.
Here are the cleansing products I use. Love the Clinique Clarifying lotion...I feel like it gets all the dirt off my face, leaving it nice and tingly.
My obsession with Lipstick and glosses.
My after picture..much better than before. I am the type of person that would NEVER leave the house without make up on. So come on Get Your Face On.

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wohooo!!! you are stunning!

Beth@The Stories of A to Z

You look lovely and yay you for having the courage to do this! I think it's all the harder for those who adore their makeup. And girlfriend, you obviously adore yours! I want to come over and play in your makeup drawers. Thanks for taking the time to share yourself, your tips, and your products with the blogosphere!

Cha Cha

You know they propably have a 12 step program for this, if you go I will. Just kidding, I love it when people love make-up as much as I do. You look beautiful. Thanks for having the courage to play along.

Cha Cha


Hi Erin! Now YOUR makeup stash reminds me of MINE.. Well in numbers anyway! I have not tried mineral makeup yet, nor have I tried Bobbi Brown products. I HAVE tried Garnier, and I DO most definitely have a wide selection of makeup, which I might add can be found from one place to another in my home or on my person, because you never know where I might NEED IT! I am so disappointed I did not KNOW about this event until just last night! I am still tempted to join in, but then I have a NEW camera that is less than agreeable, so I'm not sure how my photos will even rate.. I'm sure, though, I could make the post a fun one, whatever the case!... I have to commend ALL the participants for their bravery in this event, and it's been fun just hearing everyone's tips and favorite products! You look GREAT, and it is nice to meet you today! ~tina


Tina- you should totally join in, it is never too late! Yes, you never know when you will NEED your make up. I am sure to always carry a little in my diaper bag/purse. Thanks for stopping by and leaving me a comment. I will be sure to stop by your blog and visit.

Cha Cha, I so need a 12 step program for make up addiction. I can't get enough of it...I just love it. My daughter is a tween (12 years old) and she just adores make up as much as I do. I ask myself what kind of monster have I created? Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

Beth, you can totally come over and play in my make up drawers. Thanks for hosting this FUN blog party! It was a challenge since I NEVER leave the house without make up on. It was so fun to see what all the other ladies in Blog land where on their faces!

Grace @ Ruby Moon Designs

You are {BeAuTiFuL}!!!! Thanks for sharing your loveliness with us!

Blessings, Grace


That was a super fun post. I'm jealous of your makeup assortment. I need to go out and get some more makeup now! :)


Thanks for leaving a comment Grace, love your blog and I will now follow you.

It was a fun post..even though it took a good part of my evening to do it. You should go out and get some make is a great pick me up.


Aww you look adorable in both the before & the after!! Thanks for sharing! I linked up too and am going around visiting everyone to cheer them on & am really learning a lot since I am not really a makeup junkie...I have about 10 products in my personal makeup work/consultant bag has much more haha!


Just gorgeous! I'm so jealous of your stash!


You look great with or without makeup!
We have the same blog header!
I'm going to follow you!
Stop by and visit me sometime!

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