Thursday, February 18, 2010

Purple Hair

If you don't already know, I have a 11 year old Tween daughter that is in LOVE with fashion. I swear she is going to do something in the fashion industry when she grows up. You can read a little about her fashion dilemma here.

To back up 13 years..I used to be a hairstylist before Kailey was born. After maternity leave business went down, so I up and quit in order to start my in home daycare. Never regretted or looked back on my decision to quit. I liked it but my heart wasn't in it.

So fast forward to the present. Kailey has been asking me for highlights for months now. Not just regular blonde highlights..brace yourself...PINK highlights. She offered to pay for them herself, so I asked my hairstylist at my appointment last week about cost...60.00...HOLY COW!!! For just 4-5 highlight throughout her hair! No way was I going to let her spend that kind of money on her hair.

So later that day I went to the beauty supply store (yes, I keep up with my license, the prices are too hard to resist) and found all the supplies she needs and I decided to do it for her myself. We decided on Purple instead of Pink, her hair is very dark and the Purple would be a little more subtle.

While doing her hair I thought, just for fun I will put 1 in my hair. So here you go ladies.. it is never too late to go a little wild with your hair color.

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