Wednesday, September 16, 2009

OH the Drama!!!

I know by being a girl/woman that it is hard, but raising two girls is twice as hard. The morning started off with my oldest daughter being tired and having a stomach ache. She was so difficult to wake up she started to run late for school, she could not put an outfit together that she liked, her black lace leggings were missing (I know what your thinking, black lace leggings? find something else to wear) and before I know it she was crying uncontrollably. I did not want to send my daughter to school upset, cause then she would have a bad day. I let her stay home an extra 30 min until she found an outfit she liked, ate a good breakfast, got her hair fixed and stopped crying.

As if our house hold did not have enough drama in it already, enters my younger daughter. She put on an outfit that looked like she literally rolled out of bed. I tried to explain to her that she has an entire closet of very nice clothes and she is not going to wear ratty clothes to school. Also I believe that the way my children dress is a reflection on me and our family, I do not want teachers at school to think that my children/me do not take an interest in their looks and appearance. I know that sounds kind of vain but that is how I feel. After making her change her clothes and putting up with a lot and I mean a lot of tears she was off to school as well.

So our house was full of sooooo much DRAMA this morning and I am sure the DRAMA will come again sooner or later. Because when you are a girl, especially a growing girl DRAMA is just a part of your life. Like it or not!!!



Hey girl!

Did you read my tweets on my sidebar?

I did some investigating on twitter and it says that it can take up to 24 hours to get new twitterers added to their "index" of users.

I didn't sign up until last night (late) so it hasn't even been 24-hours since I joined. You can try tomorrow to find me, but if you really want to leave me a tweet, I think my two other friends found me by linking from my blog sidebar. If you click on the "follow me on twitter" it should connect you to KCMom2Two (my username).


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