Thursday, September 17, 2009

Rush Rush Rush

Lately I feel as if our lives are Rush Rush Rush!!!! With both girls being in volleyball, soccer, Girl Scouts and Religion Classes we are always rushing out the door to go to an activity. With my husband working nights and us only having 1 car things are difficult. Thank goodness my mom is around to lend us her car and help me take the girls to different activities.

This week I have been horrible in the dinner department...dinners were not done in time to eat before going to activities. I am sure you are wondering "Well, how is she finding time to blog right"? The answer is simple, "I am waiting for dinner to get done cooking". Right after dinner we are rushing out the door to go to volleyball. I will be ready for the weekend, we can take some time out and just relax. Next week I am going to utilize my time more wisely and prepare as much of dinner ahead of time that I can.


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