Tuesday, September 29, 2009

To be continued part 2

So when I left you yesterday I had just learned my husband had something up his sleeve for our anniversary.....

Since we were married for 13 years he planned to go to 13 different significant locations that played a key part in our lives together. I know what your thinking...how sweet not many men think of doing something so meaningful. I could not believe my husband thought of it either.
stop #1 Mike's high school where we met at a basketball game. I was cheering and he was playing for the opposing team.

stop #2 was my old high school. Mike came here to a wrestling tournament the day after we first met each other.

stop #3 my child hood home.
stop #4 Mikes child hood home.
stop #5 was Winsteads restaurant. This is where we ate on our first date.

stop #6 was a hang out of ours in high school. Mike worked here and I would hang out and wait for him to get off work.

stop #7 was a place called "Leaps and Bounds" Mike and I worked here together after High School.
stop #8 was Mike's Aunt and Uncles house. Mike asked me to marry him during Thanksgiving dinner with all our family around.
stop #9 was the first house we bought together a few months before our wedding. And where our 1st child was conceived.
stop #10 was the church we were married at.
stop #11 is where the first of our 3 children were born.
stop #12 was our second house we bought and where our 2nd child was conceived.
stop #13 is our present house we live in and where our 3rd child was conceived.
At the end our journey down Memory Lane. It was a lot of fun and one of the best anniversaries so far.


KC Mom

That is such a great idea!!! So romantic and memorable!


Thanks KC mom, it was very memorable.


I knew that he would do something totally sweet and romantic. What a great hubby he is!

Good luck with the drawing...I hope you win! I know you'd love the book b/c you are such a great scrapbooker!


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