Monday, September 21, 2009

Not me Monday

I have to admit last week I was the perfect Mommy.

My son did not throw up 1 sec before we were leaving for volleyball practice. And I did not let him wear the clothes he threw up in (they weren't covered in puke, just smelled a little) to the volleyball practice. No not me!

I did not make my husband a baked potato for dinner when he specifically asked for mashed, just because the baked potato was easier for me to make. No not me!

I did not let my son scream himself to sleep at night because I get tired of picking up his blankies he throws out of his crib one hundred times a night. No not me!

I did not indulge in two bowls of ice cream once my kids were in bed for the night, knowing very well they would have loved to have two bowls also. No not me!

I did not say under my breathe that my kids were driving me crazy. No not me!

I did not erase my daughters shows on the DVR just to make more room for my shows. No not me!

So like I told you I was a perfect Mom last week, and I am sure I will be perfect this week as well. If you are also a perfect parent head over to My Charming Kids and tell us about it.



Hilarious! I could especially relate to the "erasing" of the DVR movies to make room for my own (although usually it's Chris' Overhaulin' series or food network shows)!

Poor say potatoe, I say potatoe!!!


Val, believe me Mike has his own shows that mysteriously disappear on the DVR as well. "Oops" I say "I have no idea what happened to it".

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