Friday, September 18, 2009

Nightly Rituals

My nightly ritual is one that I have done for 11 years now. No matter how late it is I always go to each of my children's rooms and kiss them good night. First of all I want to make sure they are safe, second cover them up with blankets they have kicked off and third watch them while they sleep and kiss them goodnight. My children do not now that I love to sit beside them at night, stroke their hands that used to be so small and reminisce of days long ago. I tell each one "I love you" and kiss them gently goodnight. No matter their age this is a nightly ritual that will continue.


Tina Fisher

This brings tears to my eyes!

I love to look at my kids hands. I love to hold their hands. It makes me sad that they get bigger and bigger. I love thier peace while sleeping.

Great post! Isn't it something...just a few short words can mean so much. Just like a few moments in their room!

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