Wednesday, June 17, 2009

All the pretty Colors

So today I took my kids to the Farmers Market downtown Kansas City MO. We braved the 90 degree weather and set out to see lots of colorful fruit. The quaint little shops had so many cute things to look at.
Hawaiian Volcanic Rock plants. These plants grow out of volcanic rock, simply place them in a shallow dish of water and fill as needed. Very pretty, I am going to get one next visit.
Cute things to plant in my garden.

Just look at all the yummy fruits. Such pretty colors. I love fruit but I am very picky when it comes to my fruit. My peaches have to be hard not soft, and I put powdered sugar on my peaches. My strawberries I like a lighter shade of red, not dark red. Of course my apple can't be soft either. I don't like watermelon, I could stand it if I had to but it is not my first choice of fruit. After some delicous Minsky's Pizza we called it a day and headed home. On our way home I got a call from my hubby saying "We have a problem"...hearing that means something is very wrong .



I love the City Market, but have not been in years. I used to go regularly when I was single and first moved to Kansas City. They used to have live bands on Friday nights (maybe the still do) and sell brats and beer in the courtyard. So much fun!

Your pics came out great. I loved the transition from black and white to color!

So you're leaving us hanging...what's the problem?!!! Hope everything and everyone's okay!

KC Mom

Awesome! I need to go down there!

Orange Juice

great photos

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