Wednesday, June 17, 2009

"We have a problem"......

On our way home from the Farmers Market, my hubby called me and said "We have a problem" I knew this couldn't be good. He said "I started to mow, and I saw all these bees flying in the air" "There are thousands of bees on the branch of the tree". I did not doubt him out loud, but I thought to myself thousands? There is no way there could be thousands of bees on our tree. Now I have seen this in movies or in T.V. land but never in real life. I told him "I am on my way home and we will see what needs to be done". Well as soon as I got home, camera in hand I went to the tree. This is what I saw.......

Our little Maple tree literally covered with thousands of bees. As you can see the branches are not that big. These bees were layered on top of each other.

I got my zoom lens, cause I sooooo do not want to end up in the emergency room. I snapped away at the bees, I could not believe my eyes. Like I said in movies and T.V. land but never, never in real life.

I was thinking to myself "my hubby did not exagerate at all, there are literally thousands of bees on this tree".

My hubby did not know what to do, like I said never in real life, he called his dad to come over with some spray. Well this spray only angered the bees, his dad had to come back with something stronger. As of now it seems to be working the bees are dying off little by little.

So there is my very exciting afternoon.



Oh. My. God.

"Thank goodness the daycare is closed for the summer," is all I could think!

I wonder why they swarmed that tree...must be a hive there. I wonder if you should call someone...perhaps the KU or K-State Agricultural extension office? Do you know for sure what type of bees these are? You don't think they're Africanized do you?

Can you tell this post TOTALLY freaks me out?!!!


They are not aggessive so that is a good thing. I think they were trying to make a hive. I can still see them swarming around the tree,but I don't see them in the tree to much. I am not really wanting to go out and check it out. Yeah it really freaked me out to at first, but then I was glad I got some really neat pics out of the ordeal.

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