Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Home is where the Heart is

Driving around our small town on the back country roads is something my kids love to do. We almost always find ourselves wishing we lived in a house set back on some acreage with a lot of privacy. The truth is we are so lucky just to have a roof over our heads no matter where our house is located. I admit I take our house for granted with 3 children, myself, hubby and my mother all under one roof it can get a little cramped.

I have days where I do not want to be at home at all (since I work from home), but lately I am finding myself being more of a home body. I have more days where I only want to be at home and no where else. It is the little things that make our house a home.
  1. The pitter patter of feet running in the house
  2. The smell of popcorn popping on movie night
  3. Loud music coming from the girls room
  4. Laughter
  5. Our annoying dogs yelping as the door bell rings
  6. Children playing and having fun
  7. The slamming of the back door as kids go to play outside
  8. Noise from the kitchen as dinner is being prepared
  9. Hearing "I Love You" as kids are being tucked into bed at night
  10. These words coming from all around the house "Mommy, I need you"
In this economy when so many families have houses being foreclosed on, I am so thankful that I have a roof over my families head. I does not matter where our house is located. As we drove around looking at houses, and of course singing along to music this evening I was reminded of our nice house and all the things that makes our house a home. It's The little things in life....


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