Friday, June 26, 2009

All this for under $20.00

I love to get up early on Friday or Saturday morning and hit the garage sales. I enjoy looking for a great bargain, or a piece of furniture to restore. So this morning I mapped out several sales and we were out the door by 8:00 am. When I say we I mean my mom, me and my 3 kids (I don't advise going to garage sales with a 2 year old but I had no choice hubby had to work). Since we are a 1 car family and hubby had to take the truck my mom drove. All 5 of us crowed into her Ford Focus (not the ideal car for garage sales, but what do you do?) my girls were already fighting and we had not even gotten out of the driveway. I already knew this was going to be a very looooooong day, not to mention the weather was forecasted to be 95 degrees. My son was crying going down the road and I had not even reached the first sale. The first 3 sales were a bust, I always expect people to sell things that are clean and in nice condition, but I always get a rude awakening when I find junk! Finally at 1 sale I found this wrought iron peice to place above my door in the kitchen.
My daughter scored at the next sale when she found some items for her American Girls dolls. She found a bike and a locker to hold some of her dolls items.
We found a good will store and stopped in just in time for Kate to take a potty break and for Sam to throw the Mother of tantrums right in the middle of the floor (I know what your thinking how dirty, I was too at first then I got soooo darn mad at him I had to walk away and let him throw the fit) once he calmed down I coaxed him up from the floor and out the door. We were on to our next sale all the while my girls were still arguing about petty things like their legs touching each other. I found a sale off the beaten path and scored a few toys for Sam, I was hoping these would distract him from screaming in the car and from asking to eat lunch.
Next we headed to a park to eat "Uncrustables" and chips. I knew it would be a long day and to save money I packed our lunch. After navigating our way thru all the duck poop (ewe, so gross who knew ducks pooped big like a dog?) we sat on a shaded table and enjoyed our lunch. Off to our next sale clear across town, we stopped on the way at some other sales and saw more junk that I knew I could live without. We finally arrived at the church sale and I scored a great find. Not sure about it at first, but only being $5.00 I thought I would buy it and give it a face lift at home. I plan on painting the frame black and putting it up in my living room (maybe, still not sure). I think it caught my eye because of the little girl with dark hair looks like Kailey and the blonde looks like Kate, the littlest one resembles Sam playing in the ocean.
It doesn't really go with the decor in my living room, my living room has oak colored wood, not white like most houses now days. But I am going to paint it and see how I like it. We were headed home only after Sam threw another fit and stormed thru the toy section at this big sale.
As we headed into our subdivision we found yet another last minute sale. We finally found a bedside table for Kaileys room for only $5.00. I am going to sand it down and repaint it white.
So it was a great day, even though the kids fought and Sam threw a lot of fits it was the little things that made our day a great day. I still have just under $10.00 left, so I think I will hit some more sales tomorrow and leave my little boy at home with Grandma.


KC Mom

Looks like you got some great had me cracking up with the vision of you all stuffed in a ford focus...:)

Fresh Mommy

Hey, it must have been worth it... those are some great finds!!


Orange Juice

I'm not an "alone" garage saler. I need to be with someone. But I think it's fun.


ooh i love garage sales...def. one of the best things a/b summer. looks like you found some great things!

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