Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Stressed and playing Sheriff

Today I have to admit, I am in such a funk! I know why, and then I don't know why. I am feeling stressed to the max, and I know my children are feeling it. Although there are so many things in life for me to be grateful for I am still in a funk. As I sit here and post the house is quiet (except for hubby talking on the phone) my girls are at the city pool, and little man is sleeping. I am feeling overjoyed for the time alone.

I grew up as a single child so I did not have a sibling to fight with, but my daughters are going to drive me nuts soon. It seems as though they are fighting over EVERY LITTLE THING lately. We went garage sale shopping Friday and they fought for 20min over where they had to sit in the car. They argue on a daily basis about who gets the remote to the T.V. in the kitchen, and today in the movie theatre (during a movie) they were bickering about the arm rest. I am pretty sure my younger daughter is the instigator, I know she loves to bug and bother her older sister. But my 10 year old is pretty good at calling the 8yr old a brat and other unnecessary names. Then the stress in my life starts to build and I have to try and put an end to it all. Sometimes I throw my hands up and tell them to go at it, and come to a conclusion themselves. My mother tells me this is all normal (she grew up with a younger sister) but I am so fed up with it. I often wonder will there be a time in their lives when they won't argue on a daily basis? Until then I will keep playing sheriff and try to ward off the stress in my life.
As you can tell in this picture. My older daughter is so serious and determined, always wanting to follow the rules and listen. My younger daughter is such a goofball always wanting to have a good time, be the life of the party and go with the flow. I love each of their personalities and characteristics.


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