Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Calling it quits

So I just woke up a little while ago (I went to the grocery store at 10:30 last night and went to bed at 2:00am, what was I thinking) and I have read that Jon and Kate are getting a divorce. I am such a fan of the show, with all the chaos that goes on in her life it makes me feel that mine is more organized and low key. Even though I have not had infertility problems conceiving my babies, I think it is such a miracle that she had 6 healthy babies. I enjoy watching the show and seeing all the cute things her kids do. Also I am nosy and I love to peek into the lives of others, you know see what goes on in their lives, get a peek at there house that sort of thing. I was rooting them on, hoping they would work things out not only for them but for their children. As a child of divorce I can speak from experience, those children will forever be effected by this. If you watch the show I am sure you can see the way Kate speaks to Jon, I would never think of speaking to anyone this way much less my husband. In my opinion she rarely showed him respect, bossing him around and yelling at him in public, it seems as though his self esteem went right out the window. Nonetheless I will still watch the show and of course I will pray for them.



I am disappointed in them as a couple, but more with TLC for continuing to air the show when these marital problems were clearly brewing! I too cringed at the way Kate talked to Jon. AND, if that is how she talked when the cameras were rolling, can you even imagine behind closed doors?!!!

Not having had multiples, I do not know the particular stressors their family faced, but I do know this...marriage takes hard work and a willingness by both partners to meet each other halfway. I just never saw that from Kate.

In fact, I was struck by a comment she made on the episode last night...,"I told him, I WILL NOT miss a holiday or birthday with MY children." It just seems to me that everything that spews from her mouth is harsh. She could have said, "I told John that I would like us to try to celebrated birthdays and holidays as a family as often as possible." It's all about the delivery! Afterall, they're his kiddos too!

I don't know...she just rubs me the wrong way! In the end, like you said, it's those 8 kiddos that are going to suffer.

Orange Juice

I totally come the show. I didn't watch last night :( But I am sad they are breaking up too.


I finally watched to episode from Monday and I feel for them. Those poor kids. I read on the internet today Kate quoted "After Jon's actions over the weekend I have not choice but to file for divorce" It seems as if he is going thru an identity crisis. Did you see the not 1 but 2 earrings? Communication is key and marriage is hard work, if you don't communicate and you don't work at it then it won't last. I hope they can work it out.

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