Thursday, June 11, 2009

Feeling Guilty

"MAMMA" is what I am hearing as I post this. Lately my son has been battling nap time and bed time. He has learned to step onto a chair and crawl into bed (thanks to his big sissy), but he wants to do this over and over again. I have to quickly pull up the crib rail and tell him "night, night". Then it starts "MAMMA, MAMMA" ,as I head for the door he throws out his me's (what he calls his blankets) as a mother what do I do? I throw the me's back in bed, I then quickly shut the door and I hear the screaming. I feel sooooo quilty doing this, but I know he needs his naps, most days, and I need to have my Mommy time. I think in order to be a good mom I need a little time to myself, gather my thoughts, rest, scrapbook, read, watch a little T.V., workout, run, go for a walk, paint my nails and toe nails and anything else I see fit. Does this make me feel quilty? Yes, but I am a firm believer that moms need to take care of themselves in order to take of their family. So as I am ending this post my little boy is now quiet and I hope is drifting off to sleep. When he wakes up we will be playing outside, that is how I bribed him today "If you take a nap, we will play outside". I know when he gets up he will be in a much better mood and I will have gotten in my Mommy time.



Oh, you are so right about moms needing some "mommy time". We need to be able to recharge our batteries in order to "be" for our families!

Ben does the exact same thing...they are smart little men. "Hmmm...if I throw out the ______ (insert binky, blanky, lovey, etc.) she will HAVE to come back!"

The thing is, if we are out and about and miss the afternoon nap, Ben becomes unmanageable by night time. He might think he no longer needs a PM nap, but he does, as much as I need the me time.

Question for you...what do you do with the older girls? Mary has long given up naps, but yet wants my undivided attention. It is really wearing on me (insert *guilt* here). I get no alone time at all. Any suggestions would be most appreciated. I'll check back!


Well, my girls are older so pretty much entertain themselves with computer, reading etc... But every once in awhile they will need me to do or want me to do something with them. It is nice when they grow up just a little.


your so right there are days I know if I didn't take a break I would be a not very nice mommy. And if Shawn gets too tired it gets ugly quick. He usually falls asleep with me rocking him still,but for me thats okay, I then get two hours of a bit of quiet- my three ot hers will play or read quietly for a bit so I can think,rest, have a tea or whatever I need.


Yes, I think when Mary gets just a bit older it will be better, but for now I'm thinking about designating "quite time" activities in her room. It's not so bad on days when Daddy is not on duty at fire, but on-duty days about kill me! I am a serious grouch by 8 PM!

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