Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Pants

Wow, I have gotten in three post today. As I sit here this evening watching a movie (not really watching but stalking blogs) with hubby and eating a big bowl of popcorn, I came across The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Pants blog ( You can join a team and there are different weight loss challenges each week, you also need to weigh in every week. This is what I need something that I have to be accountable for, where people will see how I did for a week and how much I lost/gained.

I admit I do not have a lot of weight to lose, but I also want to feel comfortable in my own skin, and lets not forget about feeling pretty. Every woman wants to feel beautiful, it gives us confidence. I have had three children and with each pregnancy I got pretty big and gained weight. I am down to my pre-pregnancy weight, but I would love to lose 10 pounds and tighten up some more. I run some (it is not my favorite thing to do)and I walk some. We love to pack up the kids go to the local park and set out on the mile long walking trails. You could literally get lost on the trails, not to mention how spooky they are because no body is around.

So back to the weight lose.... I have always struggled with my weight. In high school I was never the really skinny girl, but I always okay with my body. I never had issues with my body and I still don't, I just want to lose a few pounds. I have two daughters (8yr and 10yr) and I want them to grow up loving their body yet treating it well and staying healthy thru exercise and good eating habits.They are at the age where self esteem is everything, and I want to make sure they have plenty of it. I never complain about me body/weight in front of them, I don't want them growing up thinking Mommy was never happy with her body. I especially don't want them growing up thinking they always have to be on a diet. I always express healthy eating habits (not dieting)and lots of activity (not exercise). I also want them to learn that God gave them the body they have and that is what makes them special, they don't need to look like other girls. We are all different shapes and sizes and we are all beautiful. So hopefully by joining The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Pants I can take off my last 10 or so pounds.



What a cute name for a website. I will have to check it out! Accountability counts for alot!

KC Mom

You sound a lot like me. I don't need to lose a ton of weight but I'd love to lose 10 lbs and tone up. So far I'm not working out very well this summer but I know I'll be better when school starts back up.
I hope the website helps you! Good luck.


Well they said they just had someone drop out so I am able to join Team Fushia. Hope I can stick with it. It is hard to lose weight when you are sticking to a very strick grocery store budget.


That is a good idea! I'm a little behind, but I can't believe your pictures of all of the bees. How freaky! Are they all gone now? Kale says hello :)


I will have to check this out.

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