Friday, June 26, 2009

A Summer Night at the Legends

Yesterday our family recieved a little bit of good news, so we decided to go celebrate. We ended up at the Legends outdoor shopping center. We treated our kids to the T-Rex restaraunt, Sam was really the only one that was age appropriate but the girls enjoyed it a little. Since we don't eat out much anymore the kids really appreciate it and enjoy it when we do indulge in restaraunt dinning. When the Dinosaurs made noise and when the volcano errupted he would get so excited and cover his ears. There was so much for him to look at he did not know where to begin.
After we ate the kids were hot walking around outside, I thought it would be a great photo op to by the water fountain. Little did I know Sam would be going home WET. So worth the great pictures though.

After Sam got all wet and had sooooo much fun doing so, I found out that children are not to lean over and play in the water fountain. Did my kids have fun? Yeah. Did my kids get wet? Yeah. All in all it was a fun and enjoyable evening. It was the little thing of playing in the fountain that was so memorable for us last night.


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